Comfortable computer chair for your workplace

Comfortable computer chair for your workplace

If you are reading this article, I assume that you are looking for a comfortable computer chair which you may/may not just use while working on computer/laptop but also may end up whiling away your time chatting with colleagues when your boss is away (second part may vary from person to person). With digitisation and technology boom, working a day without laptops and computers is next to impossible for the working class. Along with that comes long hours of unrest with a chair on which you have to sit for 8-12 hours in office and/or home. What is more important here is to serve the purpose of work while taking care of your comfort business system solutions. This article is to help you sort out the features you should look before you go for buying a comfortable computer chair. Along with that, I’ll help you gain knowledge of the types of chairs available along with an average cost of each.

How to buy the best ergonomic office chair, according to experts

What to look for?

    • Good cushioning can just not be ignored. This would even help maintaining good posture of your body.
    • Degree of adjustability is highly important with respect to changing height of seat and armrests. (Adjustable backrest is further more advantageous for customizable comfort.)
    • Swivel chair for movement is another factor to definitely look for. Slide across desks or even cabins and rooms. Call in everyone for a meeting or be a part of one without taking the load of carrying a chair place to place. (Check for good rollers beforehand.)
    • Keep in mind your décor. Choose the right colour of chair to go well with the décor. (Let your chair not shine out awkwardly.)
    • Strong skeleton of chair will make it more durable and worth all investment on it.
    • Material should be chosen wisely along with dark colours so that the chair can be cleaned regularly and dirt is not so easily visible.
  • Check for right weight capacity. Let not your first day on your ‘comfortable computer chair’ turn into an embarrassment.

What all to avoid?

  • Low-back-chairs cause great damage to posture.
  • Less foam density turns into a big reason of back problems and wrong posture. Your comfort lies in good amount of cushioning.
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DIY to make it more comfortable:

    • Use towel cover on the chair and backrest to make sitting for long hours more soft and comfortable.
    • Place chair matsto swivel across without leaving trail marks of chair.
    • Lubricate chairs’ rollers more often.
    • Add cushion pillow as headrest.Why won’t one want to just doze off at times!
  • Add mouse pad to arm rest and easily access laptop or computer.

Types of comfortable computer chairs available

Adjustable swivel chairs/Ergonomic chairs– These chairs start from a range from Rs. 3000 and increasewith the increasing number of the comfort features you opt.

Kneeling chairs– With a new design to keep your back straight and support your legs with a kneeling system starting range of very basic ones is INR 4000.

Aeron chairs– Based on a well-researched upon asymmetrical adjustment system using the biomorphic principles of our body, these chairs help target problems like that of lower back.

Hope this article now narrows down the features for your comfort you are most likely to look out for before you purchase a computer chair.