What are other baby strollers?

What are other baby strollers?

It is very often equipped with three wheels (two at the rear and one at the front) large enough to allow it to circulate on any type of terrain. It is equipped with options that promote the comfort of the child and the parent (shock absorbers, inflatable wheels, padded seat, progressive brake, etc.), which makes it heavy and imposing.

Its large inflatable wheels make it the ideal stroller for long walks off the beaten track baby journey. It is not afraid of sand or stones and its reinforced suspensions ensure optimal comfort for baby even on bumpy paths.

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The versatile stroller

The versatile baby stroller is the good compromise between the city car and the “all terrain”: the wheels are therefore of average diameter to adapt to the terrain but retain the option of fixed or swivel wheels in order to keep the maneuverability of city cars. The suspensions are adjustable to be able to optimize the comfort of your child.

The compact stroller (city car)

Intended for children from 0 to 4 years old, the city ​​stroller is very manoeuvrable thanks to its small wheels and can easily be folded (as an umbrella or flat). Its downside? For a city dweller, it is less compact and heavier than the pushchair. Its advantage? Unlike a cane stroller, it has a generously sized shopping basket as well as many accessories included.

What are the essential accessories?

There are the gadgets and the essentials. The first are the games which entertain Baby (arches for strollers, etc.). They make life easier and embellish the ride. The latter are sometimes supplied with the stroller. In any case, you will need:

  • a rain cover to keep baby dry
  • a footmuff that protects him from the cold
  • a parasol against the harmful effects of the sun

Which frame to choose according to your lifestyle?

City streets, macadam and public garden or country lanes, meadows and forests: where will your stroller take you most often?

Is your lifestyle resolutely urban?

You have little space to store your stroller. You often take the elevator, stairs, public transport. You need a stroller that is very easy to fold, handy, light and space-saving. Choose the city ​​stroller.

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Features of the city stroller:

  • Compactness
  • Ease of folding
  • Lightness

Are you as much on the city side as you are on the field?

 What matters to you is being able to do everything and be comfortable with your baby wherever you are. You need a versatile stroller with a good seat and a comfort (4 wheels) or sport (3 wheels) frame. 

Features of the versatile stroller:

  • Very comfortable seat
  • Large all-terrain air or foam wheels
  • Suspension to absorb shocks 

Good to know

All-terrain strollers, more comfortable for babies, are also bulkier. Check that the folded stroller fits well in the trunk of your car.


No worries. There is also a wide choice of models of 1st age or 2nd age multi-seat strollers, perfect also when you have children of close ages. Most often all in length, they allow to move easily on the sidewalks or in the stores. It will just be necessary to think of alternating that which is in front not to create jealousy. You can opt, when they are older, for a side-by-side cane model. The double stroller may be usable from birth, allowing many combinations between carrycots and hulls or car seats on the same frame.